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Lješev Stup
Before the war
Vuk Lješevostupac
Vuk Raslapčević
Clan Kuzman
Wars before 1918
Resistance and KPJ
World War II
End of XX century


This tribe has a great length of the border with tribe Ćeklići, in the south and southwest. In the north, first with tribe Cuce, Bjelice boundary goes from the triangle Ćeklići, Cuce and Bjelice on mountain Kurjanik and goes all over the high mountains and hills (including Vilinjak, Ljubina Gomila, Strmoglavnice, Milunova Borina and Siskov Brijeg) and passes through the Planiničko Ždrijelo to Planinik mountain. At Planinik starts the northern borders with the tribe Ozrinići, from Planinik further to east it continues through the hills and heights Miokovo Osoje, Mrgud and Grujino Prisoje and goes on a great hill Dos near Kčevo. Then turns to the southeast and south, first to the top Potočine and Lisačke Lake, and over the mountains Čevski Lisac (its "sheltered side") and Pješivac and by the mountain Kosača (which belongs to Bjelice) on the big hill Kosmatica, where starts the border to Lješanska district. Kosmatica is therefore on the border Bjelica, Ozrinići and Lješanska district. South of Kosmatica the border continues to the eastern race of the mountain Stavor and then over the heights of Tocilo (Big and Small) with the large "beam" Crnijelj. South side of the Crnijelj is on the border with Lješanska and Riječka district. From there arises the southern boundary of the Bjelice to Kosijeri (in Rijeka district). It goes through the entire length of the high mountains and hills (of which are important: Sumeračka Hill, Gola Glava, Malo Počivalo, Cer and Suhoploče) and out to the mountain Sinsić, on the border Bjelice, Ćeklići and Kosijeri. Bigest of Bjelice villages are:


Dub is divided into three "villages" and several smaller settlements than by one and two houses, which Dubljani do not indicate a special term, but they simply call their names. "Villages" are built on the edges of several small valleys and depression, which are directly one next to another, while other settlements are related to individual and small valleys of recent origin: populated by immigrants from the main village.  In the north, the first "village" Dub (with 8 "households"), and in its vicinity small villages Gvozd (1 "household"), Jasen (1 "household") and the Ornice (1 "household"), which is also in the "village" Dub. Further south is the "village" Brijest, Upper and Lower (6 "households"). Even further to the south of the village Resna with 12 "households", and the south and southeast of it are the small villages that also belong to the "village" Resna (in the broad sense): The Donji Do (1 "household"), under Miloševa Strana (1 "House"), Popanjska Laka (1 "household"), Klonsora (2 "households"), Milatkov Do (1 "household") and Duga Dolina (2 "households"). In the entire village Dub lives only one clan, Milić, which is divided into two main branches. In the "villages" Dub and Brijest live branches "Milici" in the narrower sense (with branches: Popovići, Todorovići and Ivanovići), and in Resna Vukcević branches with narrow surname Perovići or Kostović, Vujadinović or Martinović and Bogdanović.

Prediš  is second major settlement in the northeast of Dub. Divided into three "villages" which are the same way as the "village" in Dub aligned around the valleys and plateau, which consists of groups of adjacent valeys. The farthest northern "village" is Pejovići with 26 "households"; southwest from him Abramovići (16 "households"), and in the south of "the village" Andrići, with 20 "households". The Andrići includes a small village Ovsišta (4 "households"), which is south of it. n all of these villages live the clans, which are of common origin (two brothers) and "village" called each by their names. In Pejovići lives clan of the same name, which includes clanes: Jovanović, Bošković and Nikolić. In the Abbramovići appart from clan Abramović (15 "households") there is a 1 "household," of a small clan Milinić. In the Andric and Ovsišta only lives clan Andric, which is divided into Vukovic, Crvenica (Crveničani) and Mrvaljević.


Lješev Stup is the "village" in the north of Prediš, northernmost village of Bjelice. Like other so far mentioned "villages" of Bjelice, it is deployed about larger number of valleys, which are all side by side in close relation to one another. In the village live two related clans: Popivoda (20 "households") and Kuzman (3 "households").


Malošin Do is the "village" in the northeast of Prediš. All the guest houses are in one place, at the end of the valley which called Malošin Do". In the village there are three clans of different origin: Mrvaljević (1 "household"), Vujošević (6 "households") and Bekovići (5 "households").


Ublice is on the west from Dub and are located between two large hills, Gaj and Debeli Brijeg. Houses are at the edges and sides of two adjacent valleys: Ublički Do and Dolovi. That divides it into two "villages": the first Ublice with 4 "households" Ćetković and 10 "households" Pravilović and the Dolovi  with 1 "household" Pravilović. Both clans of Ublice, Ćetkovići and Pravilovići, are of same origin, of Milešević. Some of Pravilović devided and taked the surname: Bajović  and Vukcević.


Dide is like Ublice, west of Dub. It is divided into two "villages". The main "village" is Dide regularly called "the village" "in the village the ground..."etc. In this" village are 2 "households" Draskovic and 8 "households" Vujic. Second is the "village" (which is rarely called the "Village") to the southwest of the first, Stankova Kamenica, with 2 "households" Draskovic.  Both clans, Draskovic and Vujic, are of the same origin, and also as Ubličani have an old common name Milešević.


Tomici is village southern part of Bjelice and affect the entire north-eastern slopes of the mountains: Čelinac, Oporca and Sinsić. They are divided into eight "villages", all of which are at or near the valleys or by group of small valleys. Almost in the middle is the "village" Tomić (3 "households" Ivanovic and 5 "households" Vušurovića) near the church. As well as the place Ljiga upper with 1 "household" Ivanovic. In the north of the "village" Tomic is Pustaš with a 2 "households" Ivanovic and 2 "households" Vušurović. Furter up in the north is Lisački Dolovi with 4 "households" Vušurović and 1 "household," Ivanovic. By Čelinac are the first and the northern Podlunjić (9, "households" Ivanovic), a southern Čelinački Dolovi (2 "households" Vušurović). Further in the south, below the mountain Oporac, Oporački Dolovi (3 "households" Vušurović) to them in the southeast Kamenice (3 "households" Vušurović), and furthest to the south, near Radojev Brijeg, Vlaške Rupe (2 "households" Ivanovic). As was mentioned above, in Tomići live two clans, Ivanovic and Vušurović. They are closely related to one another, as they have a common origin, from same ancestor.


Mikulći is
in the northeast of Tomići, between the mountains Stavor and Crnijelj.
They are divided in two "villages": Mikulići near Stavor and Predojević near Crnijelji. Both the edges and the sides of several valleys and plateau. In the "village" Mikulići lives: 17 "households" Vujovic, 4 "households" Vukcevic, 6 "households" Bracanović and 2 "households" Šaranović; in the Predojevići: 9, "households" Vujovic and 1 "household," Vukcevic. Each of the four named clans, Vujović, Vukcević, Bracanović and Šaranović, are of different origin.

Source "Old Montenegro"